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Beamer solves the problem of rollup silos in the L2 space. Our bridge enables users to move and consolidate assets across rollups, make P2P payments to recipients on other rollups, and access dApps on other rollups.


The amount of tokens sent and received will always be the same. That means no more guessing due to conversion rates or slippage.


Most transfers will be completed in just a few blocks. On average, transfers are reliably completed within 20 seconds.


Users only needs to sign one transaction per transfer. Once received, the recipient will be able to use the tokens right away.


Beamer relies on Ethereum L1. There are no new security assumptions. Users will always receive their tokens and be able to use them immediately after the transfer.

Beam tokens between

How does Beamer work?

For Users

1a.The user initiates transaction by sending assets and service fees on the initial rollup.
1b.The agent sends the same amount of assets to user on target rollup within seconds.
The user is now done - they can access and use the assets on the target rollup.

For Liquidity Providers

2a.The agent claims the assets and service fees on the initial rollup.
2b.If no one challenges the claim, the agent can withdraw the assets and service fees. If another agent challenges the claim, the agents resolve the dispute using an escalation game.
As an alternative to the escalation game, an agent may submit a proof on Ethereum L1.

The current test version of Beamer only allows user functions.
The agent functions will be available to liquidity providers soon!

Beamer is a community‑driven and open‑source project.
Voice your feedback, comments and questions.

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